Find Quality Driveway Crack Repair in San Jose, CA

You may have seen cracks on the sidewalks or driveways while out walking and thought nothing of it. However, when those same cracks start to show up on your own driveway, you might be more concerned. These cracks can indicate serious foundation issues within your home or they can be a simple sign of your concrete aging. Whether these cracks are small or starting to grow, it’s important to contact a professional to investigate the cause of these driveway cracks and whether they need to be repaired. Close Up view of cracked concrete

What Are Some Causes of Driveway Cracks?

Driveway cracks are pretty common and can be a simple result of your concrete aging. It can also mean that your foundation is shifting pretty significantly. Some common causes of these cracks include:

  • Frequent freezing and thawing – When the ground changes temperature, it expands and contracts, causing the concrete on top to move and crack over time. If this is happening to your driveway, it’s also likely it’s happening to your home.
  • Heavy bearing loads – If you use your driveway to hold more than it was designed to hold, it might start to crack and buckle under the weight. It’s very important to keep in mind what you will be using your driveway for when you build it.
  • Shifts in the ground – California experiences its fair share of earthquakes which can affect your home significantly. This can create cracks in your driveway as well as potentially affect the foundation underneath your home.

How Can I Repair My Driveway Cracks in San Jose, CA?

If you live in the area, you can count on Foundation Strategies and Construction for quality driveway repair services. Once you call, we will come to your home to inspect the affected concrete and come up with a solution. Depending on the severity of the cracks and their cause, we will most likely use polyurethane injections or another type of concrete filler to fill in the cracks, like those used in waterproofing. This solution will not only keep the cracks sealed, but last for years to come. You can complete this step on your own if the cracks are rather small and there aren’t very many, but if your entire driveway is covered in larger cracks or jagged concrete, it’s time to call our professional team to inspect and fix the area.

Choose Foundation Strategies and Construction

We know that driveway cracks can be unsightly, dangerous, and sometimes expensive to fix. However, when you choose Foundation Strategies for repairs, we take the extra time to ensure you understand and are satisfied with the process and end result. We will never overcharge you for products used or time spent. We treat every customer like we would treat our own family because we want you to be happy and safe in your home. We have years of experience in driveway crack repair and are ready to help you with your next project. Call today and receive a free quote!