Helical Pier

Helical Piers

What Are Helical Piers Used For?

Helical piers have stood the test of time as an economical solution for repair foundation problems. They are commonly used to repair foundation settlement. If you’ve seen issues such as:

Then helical piers may be an option for your home. Once you call our professionals for an inspection, we’ll be better able to tell you exactly what kind of repair systems we can and intend to use for your home.

Helical Pier Installation

These piers serve as a viable repair solution by being screwed into the soil until they reach the proper depth. They feature steel tubes as well, but they are fitted with helical plates to make them look like screws. These plates now pull instead of push the piers into the ground. There are no hydraulics involved with helical piers, as the piers are turned until they reach the right part of the soil. Once a stable depth has been reached, a bracket is installed on the steel shaft and then the load-bearing weight is transferred onto the piers, stabilizing your home.

What Makes Them the Perfect Helical Pier Foundation Solution?

These piering systems provide a number of advantages that make them a perfect, cost-effective solution for your settling foundations. Thanks to their design, they are highly resistant to bending, which makes them perfect for both light and heavy loads. They are galvanized, which protects them from rusting and wearing out over the years. Each one is installed below grade to keep them concealed from sight and provide you with the perfect foundation solution. Save your home from further structural damage with the installation services from Foundation Strategies and Construction. Call us today to get a free quote on your service.

What Are The Benefits of Helical Piers?

Helical piers are suitable for both new construction and existing structures. They can be installed quickly with minimal excavation, using small or handheld equipment. Helical piers are very similar to push piers in that they can:

  • Be installed year-round
  • Can be installed from inside or outside the structure
  • Creates minimal disturbance to the surrounding areas
  • Fast installation process
  • Restores home’s value
  • A permanent solution to foundation problems

Choose Foundation Strategies & Construction

If you are in need of foundation repair in the San Jose area, don’t try to do it yourself. Repairs can be costly and quickly get out of control if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing. When you choose our team of highly trained experts, you’re also getting the best quality products through our partnership with Grip-Tite. These products are guaranteed to last the lifetime of your structure and are made of the best materials. Are you ready to get started on fixing your home? Contact the professionals with over 35 years of experience at Foundation Strategies and Construction today for a free estimate!

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