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Slab Piers

What Are Slab Piers Used For?

Our professionals use slab piers as a trusted foundation repair solution. These piers repair structures with settled or uneven concrete slab foundations. Common signs of an uneven concrete slab foundation include wall cracks, sticking doors or windows, and leaks. Therefore, if anything seems out of place in your home, call our professional team for an inspection. Informing yourself about potential problems and how to handle them will help you in the future. We keep you updated at every step, from diagnosis to installation. 

How Do Slab Piers Work?

Slab piers bring the concrete slab back to the appropriate height. First, we drill holes into the existing concrete until we reach the soil beneath. Next, we push high-strength steel tubes into the soil until they reach deep, stable soil to level and stabilize the concrete slab and interior walls. Once we push the piers into a stable area, we use hydraulic equipment to raise the slab to the appropriate height and stabilize it. Finally, grout fills the foundation holes, and then concrete permanently seals the slab, maintaining its integrity.

Slab Pier Installation

Slab piers repair your floor slab without requiring a costly replacement. Furthermore, this solution doesn’t require heavy machinery, and we can install it in areas with limited access. If you experience very cold weather (unlikely in the Bay Area), your pipes will be more resistant to freezing. Additionally, slab piers make it easier to seal the home, preventing rodents and insects from getting in.

Choose Foundation Strategies & Construction

If you believe that your concrete slab or interior walls are damaged, don’t hesitate to call the professionals. Repairs like this can become costly and are almost impossible to do without previous industry knowledge. Without expertise, you might spend more money and time without a guarantee you’re doing it right. We are also a certified Grip-Tite dealer, meaning we have the best products in the industry. Are you ready to get started on fixing your home?  Contact us today for all of your concrete slab repairs in the San Jose area!

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