Foundation Repair


What is Foundation Repair?

Foundation repair is performed by using various methods and products to counteract damage that has occurred to it’s structural components. Damage may arise for a number of reasons; sinking or settling soil, excess water, improper drainage and so on. It’s important to address issues as soon as possible to avoid additional damage, which could lead to greater expense.

Foundation Strategies is Your Local Expert

It’s also important to choose a foundation repair company that has the experience to properly diagnose the problem(s) and know the proper course of action. Our company started 35 years ago when owner Ken Coleman took his construction knowledge to make his own business. Over the years we’ve grown our team to include only the most knowledgeable professionals and dedicated workers to give you the best foundation repair services in the San Jose, CA area. Whatever problems affect your foundation, we have the perfect product and solution for you.

What are the Signs of Foundation Failure?

You’re probably not always looking for foundation failure in your home or even know what to look for. Luckily, there are several common issues you can look for to determine if you need to call a professional, like:

  • Settlement cracks in sheetrock – This is caused by a shifting foundation and can create huge cracks in the walls & ceilings that will later lead to bigger problems.
  • Doors/Windows sticking – Again, often caused by foundation settlement, sticking windows and doors can be a sign you need some professional assistance
  • Uneven & sloping floors – When your home is shifting and settling, it might even be slipping slowly down the hill your home is perched on. This can cause uneven and sloping floors that must be fixed by a professional
  • Foundation cracks – Cracks found directly on the foundation walls are definitely a sign that there is too much pressure mounting on your home’s foundation.
  • Cracks in mortar – Cracks in the mortar of your brick home often mean there is too much pressure building, meaning bigger problems are right around the corner.
  • Leaning walls or chimney – Anytime a wall or other facet of your home is leaning, it’s not a good sign. This could indicate foundation settlement or building pressure on your home.

What Causes Foundation Failure?

Foundation failure in San Jose is caused by a number of outside elements that affect your home over time, including:

  • Expansive soils – As time goes on, the soils around your home expand and contract with changing temperatures and elevated water levels. As this continues to happen, the soil moves, along with your home. Sometimes this movement has no real impact on your home, but other times, you’ll need structural repair.
  • Excessive rainfall – The rainfall that makes the soil expand and contract can also cause problems on its own. If there’s been recent flooding or an incredibly rainy season in your neighborhood, the rain may be gathering near your home, pushing on the foundation and causing it to fail.
  • Tree roots – If you plant a tree close to your home, those roots will grow, often pushing into the foundation walls. Over time, this can move the foundation and cause bigger issues.
  • Poor Grading/Excavation – If the soil under your home wasn’t properly graded or excavated before it was built, your home could be on uneven ground or there could be obstacles that were never removed. If you bought the house after it was built or previously owned, it could be hard to know the exact processes they used during the build.
  • Poor construction – Sometimes the contractor forgets a step, either not building the foundation properly to handle the weight and change over time, or didn’t take into account any changes that would be made to the home’s structure in the future or the impact of a growing family.
  • Transpiration – This is the process of plants taking in moisture from the soil. If you’re experiencing a dry period, the plants could be taking more and more moisture away from your home. The drier the soil, the more likely it is to contract and shift your home.
  • Slope failure/mass wasting – It seems like you can build a home anywhere these days, but sometimes that’s not always the best idea. If you’re positioned on a slope, your home will slowly start to creep downhill due to the dirt’s tendency to move downward. Unless your home was built with anti-slope piers in mind, it’s likely that your home will slide anyways.

Why Should You Repair Your Foundation?

Your foundation is the most important part of your home. It’s what keeps everything standing after a heavy storm. You can’t assume that it will be fine forever, especially as it ages. Foundation issues not only compromise the safety of your family but your health as well. Cracks and openings in your home can invite pests, mold, and mildew inside. Foundation issues can also decrease the value of your home, so if you plan on moving in the future, you should consider repairs. Besides all that, the longer you wait to repair, the worse it’s going to get, costing you more money in the long run. Most people don’t have thousands of dollars sitting around, which is why foundation repair is best done quickly.

What Do I Do First?

First, you should inspect your home’s foundation as well as the interior of your home for any signs of foundation problems. If you happen to notice something, even if you think it’s small, call our professional team right away.

Once you call, you’ll be connected to a professional who will set up the best time to inspect your home. After your home is fully inspected, our team will devise a plan, complete with products we plan to use and services we plan to perform, to provide you with a free quote. If you accept the quote, we will then work with you on financing options and then the actual foundation repair.

We will always ask what the best times are to work on your home so that we aren’t in the way or disrupting your daily life too much. Once the project is complete, we want to make sure you’re satisfied with our work. If anything doesn’t meet expectations, we will work with you to the best of our abilities to fix it.

What Are the Solutions?

At Foundation Strategies & Construction, we have a number of solutions for your home’s foundation problems. We can install push piers, helical piers, slab piers, helical tiebacks, and more for all your settling foundation, uneven foundations, and other stability problems your home might face. All of our solutions are sourced through Grip-Tite Manufacturing, a company with over 90 years of experience to back their products. You can be sure that we have the perfect fit for your home, so give Foundation Strategies & Construction a call today to receive your free quote!

Quality Foundation Repair Near You

When you need a foundation repair expert you can count on in the Bay Area, turn to the team at Foundation Strategies and Construction. We have more than three decades of experience providing results for our customers. We’re available throughout San Jose and the surrounding communities, including San Francisco, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, and many more! Check out our service area page for a full list of the communities we serve, then call today for your free quote.

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