Common Foundation Problems in Your Home

Wall Cracks near a door frame

Settlement Cracks in Sheetrock/Stucco

Finding cracks on walls or around door and window frames? It may be a foundation issue.

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Person opening a door

Doors and/or Windows Sticking

If doors or windows are sticking in your home, your foundation may be settling.

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Uneven level on a wood floor

Uneven & Sloping Floors

Sloping, slanting, and uneven floors may be a sign you have a foundation settlement issue.

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Foundation Crack up close

Foundation Cracks

Cracks in your foundation is a clear sign you may have foundation settlement problems.

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Concrete slab before & after it was leveled

Settling & Sloping Slabs

Slabs settle and can become uneven when there is an underlying soil problem.

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Settling & Sloping Foundations

Foundations sinking and settling can cause major foundation problems.

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Cracks in Mortar

Cracks in the mortar of your brick or stone home can be a sign of foundation failure

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Sagging/Flexing Floors

Sagging or flexing floors are sure sign of floor joist failure and bigger foundation problems in the future.

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Vapor Barrier in Crawl Space

Wet or Damp Crawl Space

A wet or damp crawl space could be a result of improperly draining gutters. Leaving the problem to grow can also lead to foundation failure.

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Leaning Walls or Chimney

Leaning walls or a leaning chimney are signs of bigger foundation issues. Don't risk your family's health by ignoring it.

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Depressions in Yard

Depressions in the yard are often a sign of a bigger foundation issue right around the corner.

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Cracks in Driveway

Large cracks in your driveway could indicate foundation shifts or settlement.

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Separated Cabinets and Counters

Counters and cabinets that are separated from your walls could be caused by your foundation shifting.

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Nails Popping Out of Drywall

Nail pops could be a sign of your foundation shifting or bad construction. Click to learn more.

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