Helical Tiebacks San Jose, California

installation of helical tiebacks

What Are Helical Tiebacks Used For?

Another of our popular and effective Grip-Tite foundation solutions are helical tiebacks. This solution is commonly used to provide extra support for basement walls, retaining walls, temporary walls, seawalls, and more. Any time your walls are bowing or leaning, helical tiebacks can be used to stabilize and support them.

How Do Helical Tiebacks Work?

This solution is installed in the soil surrounding the affected foundation wall to provide a great amount of stability. One end of the tieback is secured to the wall while the other end is attached to a more stable structure. This design pulls the wall back into place and can stop any vertical or lateral movement. They require very little machinery for installation, which makes them ideal for almost any application. They are also able to be tested for strength immediately because they don’t require grout or cement.

What Are the Benefits of Helical Tiebacks?

This process is a great solution for a wide variety of projects and offers the following advantages:

  • No excavation required
  • Can be installed in all types of weather
  • Can be load tested immediately following installation
  • Installs easily in areas with limited access or tight spaces

Trust Our Team

The professionals at Foundation Strategies and Construction have over 35 years of experience installing helical tiebacks in all types of applications in the San Jose area. You can be sure that we will address every possible solution with you before actual installation. Contact us today for more information on how this solution can repair your foundation.

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