Push Piers San Jose, CA

What Are Push Piers Used For in San Jose, CA?

Push PiersThe Grip-Tite Foundation push pier system is ideal for foundations that have problems due to settling. In San Jose, CA, the most common issue requiring push pier installation is unstable ground conditions. But that’s not the only issue! This can also include homes where there are:

We will always discuss the processes we plan to use so that we can determine the best option and how it will work. The more informed you are, the better you’re able to tell when something has gone wrong and be able to get repairs done quickly. Push piers and helical piers are commonly used for these foundation issues but work slightly differently. It takes a true foundation repair expert to come up with the best course of action for your home. In San Jose, CA, that expert is Foundation Strategies and Construction. Call us today to get a free quote on all your foundation repair needs.

How Do Push Piers Work?

The push pier system utilizes heavy-duty steel tubes that are hydraulically driven through the soil in sections until they reach a stable base or bedrock. An installer will secure the first bracket for the foundation, then push each pier individually through the bracket until the stable base is found. Once a stable base is reached, the load of the structure is evenly distributed among the push piers that are placed no more than 6 feet apart. This ensures that your foundation is secure and that settling will no longer be a problem.

The push piers are hot dipped in a galvanized coating to ensure a long life span of 100 years or more. They are also built with heavy-duty steel that is load tested and resistant to bending. All of our push piers are manufactured by Grip-Tite Manufacturing, so you can be sure you’re getting quality products for your money.

Push Pier Installation

Foundation repair is probably not your area of expertise, so you may not know what the benefits of each method are. Push piers are designed to handle the heaviest loads, something to consider for larger homes. This is also a good choice when the soil condition may be questionable. Push piers:

  • Can be installed year-round
  • Are a permanent solution to foundation problems
  • Installation can happen inside or outside the structure
  • There’s minimal disturbance to the area during installation
  • Lifts foundation back to its original position for a permanent solution
  • Faster installation than other methods
  • Restores your home’s value if you choose to sell

If all these reasons sound good for your home, then you know who to call. We are experts in our field and want to show you the best customer service every time.

Trust Foundation Strategies & Construction

We have over 20 years of experience in foundation repair in San Jose and the Bay area. We want you to be safe and comfortable in your home, which is why we only purchase and install the best foundation products in your home, like Grip-Tite’s push piers. If your home is suffering from foundation settlement and features the warning signs outlined above, why wait? Contact us today to get a free estimate on push pier installation!

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