Uneven Floors

Uneven and sloping floors are a common sign of foundation settlement in older homes. They can be very hazardous and need to be properly addressed before they become a more costly issue for a homeowner. A simple way to notice uneven floors other than visibly seeing them is if your furniture can’t sit firmly on the ground. Creaking and cracking sounds when stepped on can also be a symptom of uneven floors (although not in all cases). Many times this issue is happening along with others, including sticking doors & windows or wall cracks. If you suspect foundation issues within your home, give us a call. We will determine the cause of the issues and make sure your home is properly supported for years to come.Uneven floor repair

Causes of Uneven Floors

Identifying the cause of your uneven floors can be very difficult. There are various problems that can lead to uneven and sloping floors. If it’s not a large slope, this can be just the aftermath of something like warping floorboards. If the slope is more extreme, it could be stemming from a foundation problem. Many times the root of the problem is really an unhealthy or unmaintained crawl space.

Uneven Floors Repair

Fixing an uneven or sloping floor is extremely difficult and should always be left to the professionals to make sure that it’s done correctly. Our certified technicians at Foundation Strategies and Construction are trained to assess all damage factors when determining the condition and stability of your home’s structure. If we determine that you need your crawl space or foundation stabilized, one of the solutions we use is the Grip-Tite Stabilizer. This system supports your joists and can stabilize your home’s floor. If your home has floors that are sagging or uneven, give us a call for a free evaluation! You’ll be glad you did.

Why Choose Foundation Strategies and Construction?

At Foundation Strategies and Construction, we stand out as the premier choice for uneven floor repair, offering unparalleled expertise and dedicated service. When it comes to address uneven or sloping floor solutions, our team is committed to delivering results with precision and professionalism. We offer a free evaluation, allowing us to accurately access your needs and provide transparent insights into the best course of action. Give us a call today, and experience the difference our team can make.

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